Red Brick Road Productions presents Maggie’s Feg Run, Millennium Forum, 19th August

The loveable Maggie Muff is back in the highly anticipated sequel to 50 Shades of Red White and Blue and Dirty Dancin in le Shebeen.

Maggie’s Feg Run arrives at the Millennium Forum for one night only on Friday 19th August.  Tickets are now on sale from the Box Office and are priced from £14.50.

Maggie and Big Sally-Ann are on top form as they head to Benidorm on a ‘Feg Run’ to smuggle cigarettes home and sell for a profit. Sun, Sea, Sangria and Sticky Vicky! Sure what more is there to want? But here, it turns out to be a holiday they will never forget. We’re talking a dive on a pedalo (and I don’t mean into the sea), a slider from the poke man (not of the ice-cream variety) and some nudists from Rathcoole that have Big Sally-Ann in a tizzy. And you’ll never guess who makes an appearance at the All-Inclusive breakfast buffet……

“Margaret?”  – He’s back.

The grand finale in the Maggie Muff trilogy!

From best-selling author and playwright Leesa Harker and directed by Andrea Montgomery. Starring the critically acclaimed Caroline Curran.

(In other words, you’re guaranteed a geg.)

Maggie’s Feg Run performs at the Millennium Forum on Friday 19th August.   Tickets are now on sale from the Box Office and are priced from £14.50.   Telephone 71 264455 or visit for bookings.