Bank Holiday Fun at Navan Centre & Fort

A visit to the Navan Centre, is always a fabulous day out for all the family.

Busy preparing for the feast of Bealtine at the Navan Centre & Fort, Armagh – your help is needed this Bank Holiday!

The exhibition allows you to discover the history and the archaeology of Navan and a visit to our Iron Age dwelling transports you to the traditional age of the Celts.  Explore the myth and reality of Navan on a guided walk to the Fort.

This bank holiday (1st May) the characters will be preparing for the arrival of Summer as the feast of Bealtine is fast approaching.  Bealtine marks the end of Winter and the arrival of the warmer, longer days of Summer.

All fires are put out to mark the end of Winter and the upcoming light of Summer.  Winter bedding is burnt and families separated by Winter are reunited, cattle are moved to Summer pastures, the fairies move from their Winter homes to their Summer palaces, hand fasts take place and offerings are made to please the gods and purification fires are lit to cleanse and encourage good health and fertility.  Rowan and hawthorn is used to signify good luck and fertility and to ward of fairies as they move to their Summer homes.

This event runs from 11.00am – 5.00pm, normal admission charges apply.  No advance booking needed, just come along and join in all the fun!

For information please contact: Navan Centre, 81 Killylea Road, Armagh.  BT60 4LD.  Tel 028 3752 9644 or