A wedding is the craic, birthdays are grand, but you can’t beat a good Irish funeral!

Having sold out last time at the MAC, Looking Deadly is back in Belfast next week for 2 nights only.

The Mac caught up with actor Keith Singelton to chat about the show, the laughs and the love of acting!

How did you come up with the show concept?

Niamh came up with the idea for the show. Niamh is full of ideas. Most of them are good. Niamh worked at a Funeral Directors many moons ago. She used to make the wreathes and apply the make-up to the deceased. It was during this time that the first seed for ‘Looking Deadly’ was sewn.

What can we expect on the night?

I’d say expect a whole heap of laughs, bags of characters, a top storyline and two performers sweating as if they were doing a marathon, but in fact, they are just spinning a coffin.

Tell us a little about your character. 

Which one? We both play many. I’ll tell you about Paddy & Eddie. I love them in the play. They are two oul lads who have got one eye on the free bar and one eye on the widow. Old and decrepit, that won’t stop them from getting the most out of a sad occasion, even it means fighting each other to the death!

Do you find it hard to keep a straight face when acting such hilarious scenes?

We pull so many faces during the show and hardly any of them are straight! I think the show moves at such a pace that there’d be no time for finding ourselves hilarious. Niamh is the funniest person I know and I’m constantly laughing with / at her, but once the show starts we are in the zone! And by zone, I mean, biting our lips works well.

What do you love most about being an actor?

The attention. My Girlfriend gives me none. She did at the start but I’m cursing the day she learned how to ‘switch off’. Ah no, I love the variety. One week I could be Peter Pan (admittedly a fairly old looking Peter Pan), the next I could a Funeral Director. I still find acting so exciting. I’m at it fifteen years now and I’m like a kid at Christmas when a new job is about to start.

Why should people come see this show?

Because it is unofficially the greatest show EVER! Or, because it’s no fun performing to no people. Ahem, or…. It’s superbly entertaining. Jam packed with the craic but also full of heart. It’s only an hour long but you might be wondering how we get so much into the hour. Sometimes, we do the show in fifty seven minutes, but that’s only when Niamh has been eating Pick ‘n’ Mix.