Magherafelt’s Operation Sweet-Talk needs you!

If you’re looking for something a bit different to liven up your Easter Holiday weekend, then join Big Telly Theatre Company in an innovative new game, developed in partnership with Seamus Heaney HomePlace, called Operation Sweet-Talk.

Taking place on Saturday 31st March from 11.30am in Magherafelt Town Centre, Operation Sweet-Talk is an interactive game (part treasure hunt, part immersive theatre) to help find the lost words of Seamus Heaney hidden in multiple locations across Magherafelt.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is the protection of a town called Magherafelt situated on rising land to the west of the Lough Neagh lowlands. (54.7554° N, 6.6080° W). For your own safety, the specifics of your mission will not be revealed until the point of action. You must expect difficult challenges ahead.

There is a town below the water in Lough Neagh called Oceania, ruled by Slime Kings, who seek to control the human race through the annihilation of freedom of thought, speech and ideas. The Slime Kings coat truth in sugary sweetness and deal in platitudes, trivia and blandness. They believe that poetry is a magical art— a making of language spells capable of changing the world in ways we have never dared dream of. They must be stopped.

Participants may book as a team (maximum 10), or in smaller groups/individuals who form part of a team of 10 people. Each team is given a starting time at ten minute intervals, and they then uncover a series of clues which takes them on a journey through the town, in and out of shops, cafes and public areas. The experience lasts roughly an hour, will start at The Bridewell and end in an undisclosed location also in Magherafelt. The game is suitable for ages 8+ and each team must include at least one adult.

For more information or to book your team on the adventure, visit (telephone 028 7938 7444), or find out more and book at The Bridewell, Magherafelt (telephone 028 7963 1510).