The Market Place Theatre in Armagh is thrilled to be hosting ‘Shackleton’s Carpenter’, the story of Harry McNish, carpenter on board the doomed ship ‘Endurance’ on her Antarctica expedition.

‘Endurance’ sank amidst the ice floes, leaving Shackelton and his crew of 27 stranded. McNish, brilliant carpenter and shipwright, played an absolutely vital role in ensuring all 28 were saved, but in so doing, had to defy The Boss, and paid the price.

For all his bravery and ingenuity, McNish was one of the very few who were never awarded the Polar Medal. His health impaired by the experience, he emigrated to New Zealand where his condition worsened, and he could no longer work.

Now, alone and destitute, one still night on the dockside, he challenges The Boss one last time. In his fevered mind he relives the Endurance expedition, pitting himself against Shackleton and plagued by the ghosts of his past. How did he antagonise the hero of Antarctica? How does he come to terms with it?  On stage on Friday 25th October.

Then on Saturday 26 October, be sure not to miss The Slocan Ramblers, the bluegrass band of the moment, direct from Canada. Rooted in tradition yet fearlessly creative, The Slocan’s have garnered a reputation for unforgettable live shows.

Their impeccable musicianship, inventive approach, and old-time sensibilities make for a show that hits every target. With an uncanny ability to convert anyone within earshot into a lifelong fan, The Slocan’s have been winning over audiences worldwide. They are a band at the very top of their game.

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