Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council issue appeal after extensive littering at coastal locations

Discarding broken glass on beaches is a disgraceful act which poses a major hazard, especially for children and pets.

This is the message from Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council after a number of incidents over the weekend.

At Benone Strand, a large amount of cans and broken bottles were left close to the beach boardwalk, while glass was also found on the sand at Castlerock along with discarded belongings and other items including plastic bottles and bags.

There are concerns that groups are congregating to use beaches and dunes as ‘drinking dens’.

Council wants to remind everyone that there is a zero tolerance approach to littering, with offenders facing an £80 Fixed Penalty Notice. Those found drinking illegally can also face further enforcement action.

Condemning the recent spate of incidents, the Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council Alderman Mark Fielding said: “I want to appeal directly to anyone who visited our coastal locations at the weekend. What did you do with your rubbish? Did you think it was acceptable to leave it behind? Did you expect someone else to clean it up for you? Litter is proving to be a huge challenge at this time, and we need everyone to take more responsibility.

“Our beaches are one of our greatest assets and they are there for everyone’s enjoyment. Leaving broken glass where it can injure visitors, children and pets is a disgraceful act. I would ask those who did this how they would feel if a member of their family was badly injured because of their completely unacceptable behaviour?

“Parent and carers should share this message with their children so they realise that littering of any kind is wholly unacceptable. We need everyone to play their part to help keep our Borough clean. Dispose of your rubbish or take it home with you, and show the Causeway Coast and Glens the respect it deserves.”

To report an incident of littering please contact Environmental Health by ringing 028 2766 0200 or email You can also contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please provide as much detail as possible.

If you see anything suspicious at any of our local beaches or coastal locations, or you have concerns about illegal drinking, please contact Police by ringing 101.