Fashion with Patience: 5 Autumn/Winter Coat Styles That Are Bang On Trend

I have to say for Autumn and coming in to Winter one of my staple pieces is a good Statement coat, this one I’m wearing here I recently picked up in Savida at Dunnes and I think the colours are perfect for Autumn. The rich brown is great to make any all black outfit, an Autumnal dream. 


Vinyl Coats are very on trend this year and you don’t just have to stick to black, you can find vinyl trench coats in green and brown tones too, which are perfect for this season. Green itself is a very on trend colour this year and will definitely compliment most outfits. 

Faux Fur

Chunky faux fur coats are definitely going to be a big trend this year, neutral tones like cream and beige are very popular for these coats and they can look great with an all neutral toned outfit, with tones of whites and light brown. Coming in to Winter these types of coats are also great for keeping you warm and cosy. 


Padded and Puffa coats haven’t gone anywhere and are still bang on trend for this season. Consider a longer and oversized style of puffa coat, for an instant fashion week chic look. These coats are perfect for daytime as they are also waterproof and will go with pretty much any outfit. They are the type of coat you can throw on over any outfit before you leave the house and still look put together. 


This season, the bigger the coat the better. Floor length coats are very in and can instantly take a simply jeans and top to a dressy and stylish outfit. These types of coats are everywhere and camel and beige colours are especially on trend. Wrap up with a scarf to break up the top of the outfit and you have the perfect Autumn/Winter outfit. 

Checked Pattern

Like the one I’m wearing in this picture I think checked coats are a great option to go for, they instantly give an expensive feel to any look. If you aren’t comfortable wearing colour you could even go for a black and white dogtooth style check which would be easy to pair with any outfit.