Free Webinar To Help Businesses Use Blogging To Connect Better With Customers

A free webinar will this week (Thursday, May 28) reveal the secrets of creating good quality blogs for your business with creative content, successful campaigns and brand awareness.

The latest in a series of free webinars by Excalibur Press delivered by Tina Calder, Blogging For Business, lifts the veil on the world of blogging in a 90-minute webinar outlining the benefits of blogs, together with a series of tips and tricks to make your content work for you.

“Too often companies work hard on their web presence and social media channels and forget the power of blogging,” said Tina. “This free webinar outlines how the tricks and tips I have learned to make blogging work in tandem with your other campaigns.

“There are pitfalls that can be avoided by giving enough lead time, planning content, rather than as an afterthought, and how you can use it to drive more people to your brand.”

Beginning at 3pm on Thursday, there are still places available to book now for this unique slide/video based session as Tina shows how to make your blog work for you.

The webinar will see publicist, journalist and commentator, Tina cover why blog for business, what types of blog to use, how to create quick and easy blog posts, the key ingredients for a successful blog, the tools, tips and tricks for content, and how to create quick and easy content from blog posts.

“Many still see blogs as something for hobbyists, but they are a key part of explaining your business and relating to your clients,” said Tina. 

“But to make it work for your business you need the focus and direction to make the content do the right thing for you every time.”

“There are a lot of small tips and tricks and tactics that people can use to ensure they create a long-lasting business rather than just something that will subside when the crisis subsides.

“We’ve set aside an hour and a half for this webinar which will help you start thinking about what you need in order to supercharge your digital content. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions throughout.”

Tina will also showcase how blogging enables you to give potential customers much more information on your offering, displaying your experience and expertise.

In addition, the webinar will outline how blogging about relevant topics helps your website achieve a higher Google ranking, how content can be used in many ways and can be written to specifically target potential customers, investors, or even employees.

“Blogging is a conscious effort to add valuable content to your website. Maximise the time and effort they take to create by always including a call to action at the end, and repurposing them on social media channels” said Tina.

“Ideally, you want your blog to break through the noise. Making sure each blog post has a purpose can help this. Blogs should be written to entertain, educate, inspire, excite, inform, or create an emotional connection, with the ultimate goal being to move the reader to take some form of action.”

Throughout the session Tina aims to simplify the blog creation process and give attendees real and practical tips and advice on how you can begin working on their digital content today.

To book your place for the Blogging For Business webinar on Thursday May 28th go to