Jacqui Sharkey Releases New Soulful Single Home

Acclaimed singer songwriter Jacqui Sharkey will release her new single – Home this month.

The reflective and soulful version of Home echoes Jacqui’s memories and emotions, and is her first release since her 2017 version of The Whole of the Moon, made famous by The Waterboys, made a significant impact.

Jacqui sums up why the lyrics of Home resonated so much with her.  “The concept of the song is something that hit me right away, as there is no doubt that I have always been a home bird, despite my extensive travelling over the years.

“No matter how much fun I have travelling or performing, it always lifts my heart to be home” she said.

The Donegal based Singer/ Songwriter, known for her soulful, deep tones, has three albums under her belt, and since Whole of the Moon, she has been taking time to reflect on her journey so far, as well as writing and recording tracks for a forthcoming album.

“I really needed to take some time out and just breathe,” she explained. “Between one thing and another, life was overwhelmingly hectic, and not easy in a lot of ways. 

“I can’t go for long without writing, recording and performing. Music is truly my sanity and my peace, and I can’t imagine life without it. Music creates feelings and feelings create music. I am blessed to be able to do it, and I am looking forward to sharing quite a few new songs in 2020.”

Home will feature on Jacqui’s forthcoming EP with the same title, to be released in July 2020.

Find out more at  or jacquisharkey.com or connect with Jacqui Sharkey on social media.