The Life Of An RUC Officer Told In New Book Crime, Comedy And Combat

Ex RUC officer and author William Clegg releases his book Crime, Comedy & Combat.

After serving for 21 years in the RUC William Clegg today releases his story of life in the frontline as a serving officer in his début book, Crime, Comedy and Combat.

From his earliest memories, through to joining the force in 1978 in Enniskillen William’s heartfelt telling of his and his colleagues experiences during some of the darkest days in Northern Ireland’s history.

William regards himself as privileged to have worked in and survived the challenges inherent in high risk, hostile, urban and rural environments throughout the province.

Now living in Indonesia he said the book was a way to explain his experiences.

“It is an anthology for people of all ages of how life changed for a young person prior to, during and subsequent to joining the RUC,” he explained. It is about how ‘we’ were during that bleak period, how we coped at that time and how the incidents and emotions resonate to this day.

“I feel that anyone, whether security services or others, will have a feel of true events, episodes, characters and emotions personally experienced by me.

Tina Calder of publishers Excalibur Press said that it was a privilege to bring William’s tale to the public.

“As we now live in relatively peaceful times we forget the horrors that were part of daily life,” she said. “William has been able to encapsulate the experiences of so many RUC officers who had the daily job of a police officer dealing with crime, whilst also under constant threat.

“No matter your allegiances this is the human story of that time, told compassionately.”

In Crime, Comedy & Combat William tells his story for people of all ages, how a young person’s life changed during the Troubles, joining the RUC, and the incidents and emotions that coloured his life.

Crime, Comedy and Combat, published by Excalibur Press is available from Amazon and