New Human Resources & Recruitment Consultancy Settles Into Ards HQ

Greg Quinn of People HQ in Newtownards celebrates the opening of his new offices following a £30,000 investment into the business. Photo by: Francine Montgomery / Excalibur Press

Human resources specialist consultancy, People HQ, has opened new offices in the heart of Newtownards to further advance the business ambitions of its clients.

Founder, Greg Quinn, said the opening of the new office represented the latest stage of the evolution of People HQ and its range of services.

“When I created People HQ in 2019 I always wanted to make sure we had a physical presence,” he explained. 

“Opening the office in The Precinct is a statement of intent to new and existing clients that we will continue to offer the full range of human resources services.”

Throughout the current lockdown Greg has been on call for his clients offering a variety of services in human resources, recruitment, training and development.

“We serve clients of all sizes across multiple sectors, including the fast moving consumer goods, manufacturing, retail and hospitality sectors where we have been busy helping both our clients and candidates navigate their way through the pandemic,” said Greg. 

“I opened People HQ with the vision of wanting to help businesses across every aspect of the employee life cycle and thats exactly what we have been doing. If a business owner has a HR or recruitment problem or they need support with team development my team can help. I penned the strapline ‘We’re the HQ for HR’ when I started the business, we have delivered across all fronts for many clients to date and look forward to helping more as the business grows..

“This past year has been a challenge for many business owners, never before has looking after their teams been so important. Even if tough decisions have to be made, I am right there with business owners to help them make those decisions and ensure a fair process is followed. ”

The new People HQ offices represent a £30,000+ investment, and means that Greg and his team will be able to provide their holistic HR and recruitment service across Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland.

“We chose Newtownards as after 25 years in industry I wanted to bring my knowledge and skillset to help those businesses that I shop in daily,” he explained. 

“We are also the first established Human Resource & Recruitment Consultancy on the high street in Newtownards.

“Our location allows us to easily serve our current clients as well as established a growing client base around North Down and beyond.”

Greg said that at this time good professional advice has never been more important.

“The current business environment means that business needs to plan ahead, make decisions and ensure their strategy and actions are taking advantage of every opportunity available,” he explained.

“We have found that employees still in post have had to adapt to new ways of working, whether that be due to working from home or having a blended home and office working week.

“Client organisations had to move very quickly to ensure employees had the relevant home setup to conduct their roles effectively. Communication with teams has never been so important, at People HQ we worked with numerous clients to help them work with their team communications.”

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