Post-Furlough Options Available For Those Who Lose Jobs

Recruitment agency says there are employers hiring right now

Tyson Wilson Recruitment has today (Friday October 1) said that the ending of the government-backed furlough scheme will cause stress for many workers, but there are plenty of options available.

Michelle Tyson, director of the agency said that while some employers may not be able to retain staff most will be able to continue with staff employment.

“It is an extremely stressful time for those who have not yet received reassurance that their employment will continue,” she said. 

“With 36,000 on furlough by the end of July it is inevitable that some businesses will not be able to keep all the staff who were on furlough.

“If you are in that situation, you will naturally be concerned but options remain open.”

Ms Tyson said that it is an opportunity to look at what career path you wish to take.

“The reality is that a lot of sectors are experiencing staff shortages,” she explained. 

“Across hospitality, retail, call centre, haulage and the care sectors there are vacancies.

“While many may not think you have the skills in these areas, or others, many are offering training for new recruits.”

Ms Tyson also said that for many they may not want to take on a new permanent post until they have assessed what next.

“We know that there are full time and part time temporary positions open in many sectors, and it may suit to look at a temporary job until the employment picture becomes clear.

“The Bank of England has said there may be a small rise in unemployment, for those affected we can assure them there are jobs open right now.”

The government’s furlough scheme was set up to support employers by paying 80% of wages, and in August and September it was reduced to 60%, with businesses paying 20%.

“The reality is that some businesses will close or reduce the number of staff but for those that have lost their job they need to remember that the position may became available again. And, it is important that they retain good relations should they need a reference.”

Ms Tyson said that they currently have a range of jobs across Northern Ireland for people to apply for immediately.

“We want to support those who have found themselves out of work at this time,” she said.

“Our team will walk you through the next step in your career journey, and make sure you find the post that is right for you and right for your circumstances.”

Established in 2015 Tyson Wilson Recruitment has developed its services for prospective employees and those with staffing requirements, including not charging a fee until appointment of successful candidates.

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Cathedral Quarter Bid Gets Backing For A Further Five Years

Members vote overwhelmingly for business improvement district to continue

Cathedral Quarter Business Improvement District, Destination CQ, has received an impressive vote of confidence with members voting for it to continue operating for a further five years and implementing its new business plan.

All business improvement districts across the UK are required to poll their members every five years if they are to continue to operate.

When the votes were counted it emerged that 86% had voted Yes. CQ BID Manager Damien Corr said that “the team are delighted and humbled that businesses have voted Yes so emphatically”.

He added: “This gives us a fantastic mandate to deliver the Business Plan over the next five years.

“Our Directors and staff are keen to get started in the delivery of the plan. There are green shoots of recovery emerging but much remains to be done. We hear your concerns about the physical infrastructure of the area and we are already working on this.

“We will monitor and evaluate the Business Plan as we go to ensure that it remains relevant to your business needs in a rapidly changing landscape. We rely on and very much welcome your input and feedback and we will make good on our commitment for better communication and engagement.”

However, Mr Corr also acknowledged not all members engaged with the ballot..

He explained: “We appreciate that not everyone voted yes and we very much welcome the opportunity to better engage with this cohort to outline the benefits that have accrued to date and to explore how we can make the BID more relevant to them.

“We planned for a Yes vote, so there will be no break in service delivery. It’s onward and upwards from here on.”

Chair of Destination CQ, Paul McErlean welcomed the vote of confidence from the businesses and organisations throughout Cathedral Quarter. 

He said: The yes vote is a welcome validation of the hard work and dedication of my fellow Directors and Staff over the last five years. 

“This entire BID team has put considerable time and effort into making our area the best place in the City in which to do business and to socialise.” 

Mr McErlean also issued an invitation to any business owner who thinks that they can make a difference in the area to come and join the Board of Directors. 

Belfast Lord Mayor Councillor Kate Nicholl also welcomed the yes vote.

She said: “Belfast Improvement Districts play an important role in supporting businesses and encouraging a sense of cohesion and shared ownership in the city’s success. 

“As we continue on our Covid recovery journey, the work of BIDs is more important than ever in helping businesses to navigate whatever challenges may lie ahead. 

“I congratulate Destination CQ on securing such a ringing endorsement from our business community, and wish them every success as they embark on the next five years.”

To find out more about the work of Destination CQ BID and read the five year business plan, go to or contact Damien Corr on 02890 314 011.

Don’t Rush Post-Furlough Staff Decisions Urges Recruitment Specialist

Tyson Wilson Recruitment has urged employers to not make hasty staffing decisions as the government-backed furlough scheme comes to an end.

Michelle Tyson, chief executive of the agency said it was a worrying time, not helped by the lack of news of any further support for businesses.

“It is an incredibly stressful time for those wanting to ensure continuity of trading,” she said.

“At the end of July there were 36,000 people on furlough and there will be those that chose not to return to full-time working and those that have found another position.

“Add into that the sudden increase in staffing costs means tough choices will have to be made, but the important thing is not to rush into snap decisions.”

Michelle said that it was a time to consider all scenarios.

“It could be that you are left with a staff shortage,” she explained. 

“The good news is there are still people looking to get back into work. For those that need a little time to see how the books are balancing it may be that recruiting temporary staff is an option.”

The recruitment specialist said it was deeply disappointing that further measures had not been put in place to mitigate the increased costs at a time when so many businesses had lost so much revenue during lockdown.

“While the furlough scheme and other reliefs such as rates holidays have helped it would have been preferable if the government had taken a step down approach,” said Michelle.

“Yes, employers knew it was coming, but a gradual progression in a range of mitigations would have allowed more time to adjust.

She added that during these times of business uncertainty the option of employing temporary workers could be an essential tool in the business armoury.

“We have a pool of candidates who have been registered with us and who are ready, willing and able to work,” she said. 

“We can carry out the interviewing, screening and other checks to make sure we have the right person to fill any gaps, or to keep your business operating until the picture is clearer.”

Established in 2015 Tyson Wilson Recruitment has developed its services for prospective employees and those with staffing requirements, including not charging a fee until appointment of successful candidates.

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