Stranger Crows Hootenanny: Showcasing Local Talent At Oh Yeah Music Centre

Four up and coming bands will take to the stage at the Oh Yeah Music Centre as part of a local showcase this Friday, December 2. 

A collaboration of the online zine Stranger Dais and local talent promoters Old Crows Promotions, Stranger Crows Hootenanny will see music fans from across the city show their support for headliner Strange New Places and bands such as Garrett Laurie ,Daisy Chain and Heart Shaped.

Also on the night, attendees will be able to support the local arts industry as Leigh Lowry, Melyssa Shannon and Lydia Leneghan are set to display their unique works as part of a mini art fair before the main event.

An online zine, Stranger Dais is keen to support creatives both locally and beyond, providing a platform where artists can speak freely and openly about their passions, showcase their art and circulate their talents.

Owners and editors of the e-zine, Megan and Jack Hopkin are delighted to be able to take their online stage to that of the famous Oh Yeah Music Centre. 

“The Stranger Crows Hootenanny is our way of celebrating the vast array of talent right here on Northern Ireland’s doorstep,” said Megan, adding: “We value eclecticism and supplying a platform for artists and creatives of all walks of life.”

Headlining the event is Belfast-based folk punk and power pop band, Strange New Places, a queerpunk five-piece, who sing about gender, sexuality and life under capitalism. 

They will be supported by Garrett Laurie a dreamy, pop-infused alternative rock singer-songwriter from Belfast whose latest EP, which was released this September,  ‘Can I Play Too, Or Is It Just For Boys’ explores topics from queer identity to mental health, and The Daisy Chain, which showcases Rhys Mayes’ uncomplicated and deliberately crude approach to songwriting in the form of short, simple Psychedelic Pop songs, influenced by The Carter Family, Dolly Mixture, and Norma Tanega.

Also performing on the night will be Belfast-based dreamy pop band Heart Shaped, led by Texas-bred songwriter Kendall Bousquet whose latest single, No Contact has been long-listed at the NI Music Prize for Single of the Year.

Events promoter Michael Smyth from Old Crows Promotions said the event is the perfect opportunity to create an open space to showcase local talent and help people discover new artists.

“Collaboration across grass roots independent arts is at the heart of what Stranger Crows Hootenannay is all about,” he said, adding: “Bringing together a wide range of musical genres and mixing that with some of the best artists. Creating a safe, open space to share in everyone talents and rock around the Christmas Tree at the same time.”

Stranger Crows Hootenany kicks off at 7pm, Friday, December 2 at the Oh Yeah Music Centre. Tickets for the event are £7 and are available from Eventbrite (